A few years ago, feeling financially stressed and generally unfulfilled with my life, I turned to Source for help.  I was divorced and parenting two challenging teens alone, as well as teaching 4th grade full time. Struggle was eeking out joy.   I was scrambling to make ends meet both at home and at work, financially, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and physically.  I felt overwhelmed and alone, and realized I wanted something more. I had been learning how to connect to a Power greater than myself, and knew that if I opened my heart and being to the Universe, I would find a solution.  I began to sit in morning meditation, with my arms and heart open wide, asking to be shown what the next chapter of my life would be. I opened myself up entirely to possibility.  I had learned that in being open, things outside of my awareness can be seen, felt, and heard. No more moving through life with blinders on, blind to what the Universe had to offer. Within ten days or so, three big “hits” came to me.  The first was an end of the year review with my principal, where she said that I do my best work with kids who are struggling, that I have a way of connecting to them, and asked if I had ever considered becoming a counselor.  The second was a text from an acquaintance who was volunteering at the Rocky Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center, suggesting I join her there. The third was when I ran into an acquaintance who was about to earn her degree in counseling.  She was taking an equine class that semester, but felt it was not enough, and said what she really wished she had done was study with Melisa Pearce at Touched by a Horse. I had no idea who that was, but felt excited and an awareness of stars lining up in my sky.  This friend was speaking my language: horses back in my life, helping others, an income… I had no idea who Melisa Pearce was, or what Touched by a Horse could possibly be, but rushed home to my computer to find out.  I was completely enthralled by what I read on the website…and every cell in my body felt like it was doing a Jack LaLanne workout!  I felt excited beyond measure, and was riveted to what I read, “If you’re a soul in need of healing — deep, meaningful, long lasting healing — you’ve found your way to the right place to take the unfinished business in your life, finish it and move on into a better future. Through her revolutionary coaching process known as the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod®), Melisa has developed the way for you to lay down the things you no longer need and find the strength, hope and courage that will carry you into the future with confidence.”   Wow!  Was she talking directly to me?   I continued, “If you’ve always dreamed of a career where you could partner with horses to create a better tomorrow for people, you’ve found your way to the perfect future. Melisa’s Touched by a Horse Certification Program is designed to teach you Melisa’s EGCMethod. The program includes everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur in your own Elite EGCMethod business including an in-depth 24 month curriculum with hands-on coaching experience; an active, supportive community that will nurture your growth as a business person and coach; a true certification — not just a certificate — to show you know what you’re doing; and business education that will help you market your new skills.”  Seriously? No way! I felt I had hit NIrvana!  I was seeped in joy, thrilled…I clicked for more information to be mailed to me, and checked my post office box obsessively till the brochure arrived.  I remember sitting at my kitchen table, finally reading it, with tears running down my face. I can still feel the smile and the joy that permeated through me three years ago, as I devoured every word, and marveled in the feeling of divine guidance.  This had to be the answer! What my next chapter in life would be! I called no one to discuss what they thought I should do.  I made no pros and cons list.  Ignoring my norm, I listened to my body.  My entire being was alive and my body was screaming at me joyfully to do this!  I allowed my intuition and the love of the Universe to guide me. After one discussion with a woman over the phone, I gave her my credit card number and started the process of enrollment!  I figured, What the hay?  What is the worst thing that could happen?  I’d spend two years in deep, long lasting healing, I’d be around horses again, and I’d meet like-minded people.  Ummm, duh!?  WHY WOULDN’T I DO IT?!?!?  There was no good reason I could find!   I have never looked back, never doubted that decision which was so joyously made and so Divinely guided.  The learning, healing, and growth that I have made on a personal level, plus how to help others do the same, is mind-blowing.  I have come leaps and bounds in the process of trusting myself, of connecting to Source, and of understanding horses and their amazing gift of healing humans.  I have learned about my own trauma and released much of it. I have learned about trauma in general, and how to assist others in letting it go.  I have also learned a wide array of tools for supporting individuals to find their truth, to step into joy, and to make decisions and move forward towards a positive future created by them, based on their own values.  I have made deep, long lasting friendships and connections with others in the TBAH herd, especially myself. The value of the decision to become a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach in Melisa Pearce’s EGCMethod is beyond measure, and I am incredibly grateful to the process that brought me to it.  Welcome, Julie, to the next chapter of your life!