The Horses

Dragonfly Farm, Platteville, CO

Equine Sessions 

Dragonfly Farm is the home of a fellow EGCMethod coach, Annette Price. The view of snow capped mountains beyond hundreds of acres of corn fields is the background of this beautiful and serene ranch.  The horses and donkeys here are amazing beings and each offers their whole heart in their coaching work. To be in their presence is truly the opportunity to experience the compassion and care of the spirit of equus. A visit to Dragonfly Farm will not soon be forgotten!

Thanka, Lakota, Blue and Buddy finishing up their grass hay dinner!

CJ’s Colors, Allison, CO

Ideal for summer workshops and retreats with the horses

Stay tuned for more information about this location and the services I will be offering!

Let's Talk ...            

What the horses and I do is a non-traditional kind of work. We go way beyond talking about an issue and analyzing it. The horses and I will support you to access deep parts of yourself that are at work out of your consciousness, in an experiential way, so that the effects of your past issues are released from your being. The result is a sense of freedom to live your life in the way that you truly desire, and that your children truly deserve.

Let's start with a simple phone call or email. Reach out. You have everything to gain.