Three Ways to Work with Me


One-to-one is a common way I work with clients. It offers us privacy and the session is solely devoted to you. Individual sessions can be held in person, with or without a horse, as well as over Zoom or the phone. Many of my clients choose a blend of these options if they work with me over time. Customized packages are available, which provide a discount and keep your work on track.

Group Setting

Gestalt can be incredibly impactful in a group setting. I offer groups and workshops on a regular basis that meet at the barn with my equine partner, Cowboy. Groups bring together likeminded people seeking to improve their lives through the resolution of trauma. Group sessions are always announced to my email list, so be sure to Join My VIP List. Groups can be customized for your friend or therapy group, running one or multiple times.   

Organizations, Teams & Families

I am specially trained in helping connected individuals reach more cohesive relationships by interacting with horses. The heart-centered process I use and the openess of the barn enviornment make this the perfect place to heal family rifts, bring corporate teams together, and give organizations that support sexual assault surviors a place for their people to get trauma-informed care. 

Offsite Team Building –

Equine Facilitation


We will custom craft an experience for your company or group based on the intentions/concerns from leadership/staff.

Who is an ideal client?

First Responders ~ Teachers ~ Health Care Workers ~ Leaders ~ Employers ~ Religious Institutions ~ Safe Houses ~ Non-profits ~ Recovery Centers

How can this work benefit you?

Improve communication and relationships ~ Goal Setting ~ Confidence ~ Team Building
Service to Others ~ Connection ~ Self-compasion ~ Develop compassion among members
Inspire greater productivity ~ Gain Clarity ~ Self-awareness ~ Release ~ Decompress

You are in the perfect place to get it done. I am specially trained in a vareity of experiences that focus on the points above as well as getting team members to become more self-aware, confident, connected and clear.

Both large and small businesses can benefit from offsite team building with Serenity Horse. Most events are single day and can be customized to your goals. Please reach out via email to or call/text (817) 422-2834 to get started.

For Organizations Serving Sexual Assault Survivors


Equine Gestalt is a trauma informed therapy that I am not only certified in, but have personally experienced in my healing journey from trauma to freedom™. It is what I wished I would have had access to after my rape and what I’m thankful for every day.  It truly helped me break free from the bonds of my trauma. If you manage, or are a part of an organization that serves women who have experienced sexual assault, sexual boundary crossing, or sex traffiking, I want to offer those you serve an opportunity to access the healing power of Equine Gestalt. I know that my life’s purpose is to support women who have suffered sexual trauma to uncover the negative patterns they learned in life which keep them in unhealthy situations, discover the preciousness of who they truly are, and transform into the women they were meant to be.  I offer both one-on-one and group services that are tailored for your survior population, as well as for your staff to feel supported. Reach out to me via email at or via phone/text at (817) 422-2834 and we will create a synergistic program to support your clients to move from trauma to freedom™.

Family Services


Families in distress are close to my heart. If your family has experienced a trauma, addiction, break, divorce, or separation, I am here to help you heal the rifts in your heart and soul. Horses, with their natural Zen state and ability to reach places inside us that we have shut off from the world, are a natural catalyst to family healing. Family sessions can be tailored to your family’s specfic needs.

I also frequently work with parents who have recognized they have or are about to hand down the negative patterns they gained in childhood to their children. Couples who are in the stages of planning to have children all the way to blended families with grown children can benefit from the healing that Equine Gestalt provides.

Both large and small businesses can benefit from offsite team building with Serenity Horse. Most events are single day and can be customized to your goals. Please reach out via email to or call/text (817) 422-2834 to get started.

Deep Dive Intensives

The best place to start transforming your life is with an intensive single or multi-day experience. This allows you to devote the time needed to focus on what you will change, do, manifest, remove, or renew. Together, we will become totally present in your work and watch awarnesses lead to new perspectives and new possibilities.

My intensive program is delivered in 1/2 day to 3 day formats and is customized to your individual needs. We can work one-to-one, or you can bring in your family or spouse for part or all of the experience.

Individuals:  I offer a half day deep dive into what makes you uniquely you.  We will work on one negative event, relationship or pattern from childhood that is wreaking havoc in your life today, so that you may start to make positive changes immediately.

Couples:  I offer special intensive sessions for couples who are:

~engaged or considering marriage

~who have a wonderful relationship and want to spend time together in a deep and meaningful way

~who are on the verge of separation or divorce and want to make certian they have all the information they need to make wise decisions regarding their future both together or apart.  

Mother – Daughter or Mother – Son Sessions:  I offer special intensive sessions for mother and child to connect in a deep and thoughtful way.  The focus is on open communication and strengthening the bonds between mother and child, especially in the adolescent and teen years, when things are naturally challenging.

Who this is for: Anyone is ready to create a better relationship with their self and with others.


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