Re-calibrate Your Inner Compass

A 16 week guided adventure program moving toward wholeness and freedom.

Bi-Weekly Discoveries

 I will help you find your answers in a safe and empowering way. Build community with other women in an intimate, closed group where you can share about the impact the module is having on your life. Sharing about your trauma is not required!

Private Individual Sessions

Come to deeper awareness of yourself, which allows you to stand in an empowered place with all of your relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself.

4 Days in Montana

The ultimate inner adventure of your life will take you to Montana. Step up to do some Equine Gestalt Coaching with Julie and the horses and leave old wounds in the dirt. Envision a life created by you, and leave with a plan of action for designing it.

This experience is designed for women who have had their sexual boundaries crossed against their will, whether in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, and want to finally move beyond the trauma and reclaim their lives, discarding what no longer works for them.

Are You Missing the Essential Ingredients of a Happy Life?

There are three essential ingredients for each of us to understand about ourselves, and embrace consciously, in order to be able to know if we are acting out of our TRUE nature or due to feeling the pressure of what we “should” do based on the needs and wants of others. They are:

Our relationship with our self.
Our relationships with the people around us.
Our relationship to the outside world.

When you join this unique coaching program, we’ll dive deep into understanding all three major elements of who you really are so you can stand in your truth and make decisions moving forward that honor the true you.

Module One

Who are you? You will travel deep into the core of your being as you discover and understand your innate preferences and personality type, knowing who you TRULY are. In learning about your innate preferences, you will know what it means to show up in the world in alignment with the TRUE you, so that you can embrace your natural strengths. You will be able to differentiate between how you think and behave according to what the personality you were born with dictates and how you sometimes show up in the world based on how others think you “should.”

Module Two

Do you always feel good about the decisions you’ve made? Or do you struggle to make decisions quickly and easily, often regret your decisions? Every human being is born with a set of core values. They are intrinsic to each of us, and in this second module, you will spend time going deep within yourself to learn what is truly important to you on a cellular level. You will learn how to make decisions that are in alignment with your true inner values, and will begin to see the correlation between your core values and whether your life is turning out the way you truly want it to or not. The more you base your decisions on your top values, the more satisfying your life will be. You will realize that when you make decisions incongruent with your core values, things feel wrong. You will find it becomes more natural to do what feels true inside instead of doing what others think you “should” do, or going along with what others want when you really want to say no.

Module Three

How do you show up as a friend, a lover, a mother? Do you ever wish you would have done things differently? You will visualize and break down all of your myriad parts of self in order to make better choices about which part of you shows up in which situations of your life. We are made of hundreds of parts of self, both aware to us and not. These pieces brighten and dim, changing as we grow older and more conscious. They can shift based on who we are interacting with, and on whether or not we are tired, excited, or any other feeling. You will be able to consciously make choices about how you show up in the world, less likely to regret things you said or actions you took.

Module Four

You will sift through life experiences and get clear on which emotional state you want to avoid at all cost. You will create rules for life to keep you away from that emotion, and will experience a sense of empowerment each time you take action to move away from this feeling that negatively impacts you the most. You will integrate the knowing that you actually have a CHOICE in your communication, and will feel stronger in maintaining who you ARE when relating to others.

At the Conclusion of our Time Together 

At the end of our time together, you will experience the transformational power of Equine Gestalt Coaching. Let my mastery of Gestalt take you deep into working on a specific life event or limiting belief that you have about yourself with the partnership and support of the horses, and release it, leaving it in the dirt of the arena forever. You will spend time with an equine partner and experience true connection and soul healing. The horses always know if you are in your head or in your heart, and if you are truly in alignment with your deepest self. If you are out of alignment, they will show you, and guide you back to the TRUE you.

The best part — this transformation will take place under the wide open skys of Montana during a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on a working horse ranch nestled deep in a canyon. You will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pryor mountains and the open range. We will ride across mountain pastures, almost touching the clouds, and experience the beauty of ourselves and nature from the back of a horse.

I promise you will have the opportunity to connect with horses in a new and powerful way while discovering your own inner wisdom and strength.

16 Week Course Begins April 6, 2020 | Montana Retreat is August 19-23, 2020

$3997 $3497 Early Bird! Deposit must be received by March 2

Installment payment plans available. Scholarship recipeints considered for those who truly can’t afford this program, but would benefit from it.

Our retreat location is the Dryhead Ranch in Montana!

Located north of the Pryor Mountain Range on 30,000+ acres this is a working cattle/guest ranch.


16 Week Coaching Program with Julie

4 Days, 3 Nights Retreat at Montana location.

Scroll through the photos of the Dryhead and see the natural beauty of where we will be working!

Monthly Coaching Program Agenda
April, May, June, July

First week of each month:  Monthly Discovery
Monday, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, 7:00-8:00 MST

Second week of each month: 
Scheduled Private Coaching Session
Weeks of April 13, May 11, June 8, July 15

Third week of each month: 
Discover & Connect in our Closed Community Facebook Group
Monday, April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20 

Fourth week of each month: 
Scheduled Private Coaching Session
Weeks of April 27, May 25, June 22, July 27

Break weeks: June 29-July 5 and August 2-19
(No calls or sessions)


Retreat Agenda

August 19:
Noon: Depart Billings for Ranch
4pm: Orientation and Opening Circle

August 20-22
Riding and renewal at the ranch.

August 23:
8am: Breakfast followed by closing circle
11am: Depart for Billings Airport


You will fly into Billings, Montana airport. The ranch offers round trip shuttle service from Billings and back for $100. We HIGHLY recommend you use this service versus driving or renting a vehicle as the roads to the ranch are primitave and require a high clearance truck or SUV. In order to arrive on time at the ranch via the shuttle service, you must arrive at the airport by noon on Thursday, August 20. We recommend coming in on Wednesday if you can’t get an early morning flight Thursday. The ranch shuttle service will pick you up at a motel near the airport (we have recommendations, just ask!) if you choose to come in a day early. Billings is a wonderful western town with great food and lots of charm. We can recommend some evening events if you would like!


The first week of the month we will gather on Monday for a virtual session for a group instruction/coaching. This call will be recorded and if you can’t attend life, you can view the recording.

The second week of the month you will spend private coaching time with me. We will schedule these calls during your onboarding call when you sign up for the program. You onboarding call is a private call with me and can be scheduled anytime between when you register for the program and April 2.

The third week of the month we will gather virtually as a group and interact. This will be a safe space to gather support and share successes.

The fourth week of the month will be another private coaching session with me.


Meals and lodging are provided at the ranch. Bedrooms are private, but the bathroom facilities are shared. The ranch can accomodate your dietary requirements as long as they know in advance so please let us know if you need gluten free, vegitarian, vegan or have food allergies. The ranch is located about an hour from Lovell, Wyoming, so you will not be able to quickly run to the store. The ranch is located on the Crow Reservation and no alcohol is allowed. 

When packing, be sure to bring clothes suitable to the mountains and outdoors. We recommend riding boots (with a heel), jeans or riding pants, and a jacket as, even in August, it can get chilly on the ranch. Pack your camera! The scenery is amazing.


A refund of your deposit or payment less $250 administrative fee will be provided IF we can fill your spot in the program. In the event we can’t fill your reservation, no refund will be issued. All payment plans must be paid in full by July 1. There will be no refunds after the program begins.