Meet Julie Meyers

Why am I qualified to do this work?

Because I’ve lived it.

I survived childhood sexual trauma at the hands of a stranger.  I know this affected my parenting negatively.  In addition, I come from a family of origin where drugs and alcohol were normalized, as was emotional and verbal abuse.  None of it was meant to hurt or leave scars, and my parents loved me dearly.  I have learned that what our family of origin deals us becomes what we know and recreate in an attempt to escape it.  I did just that, and in the mix had two beautiful children.  Since my personal work had not been done, I could not become the parent I truly wanted to be.  I was tangled up in unhealthy patterns, and until I started to work on myself, my trying was not enough.


As the mother of two young adults, I look back at when they were little and see how what I learned in childhood informed my parenting.  Some of it was positive, and some was negative.  The good news is that it is never too late to change and grow as a human being.  In so doing, anyone can become a healthier parent.  By dumping negative childhood patterns into the dirt of the arena, I was able to focus on myself, on my children, and on the relationship I have with each of them.  My children notice the difference in me since I began doing my own work, and respect me for taking the action which has made our lives better.

Horses have helped me to get in touch with what my truth is.  My mind had me stuck in “trying” to be and do what I thought I “should”, while my heart was miserable.  Horses read energy. They know when our hearts and minds are either incongruent or in alignment, and show us when we are unsure. When a person’s heart and mind match, it is like candy for them. They choose to be with us, and bring us their big huge hearts to help us heal.


I have been a teacher for 21 years.  I have gotten to know many children and families on an intimate level. What I believe in my heart is that children come into this world as beautiful beings that deserve to be cherished and loved as they are.  As the adults that our children depend on, when we clean up our pasts so that our parenting is not tainted by it, we can parent from an emotionally healthy place.

I would love to serve mothers and fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and any other caregivers who want to be the best they can be for the children who depend on them.

AS A DOUBLE GRADUATE of Touched by a Horse: 

~ Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

~ Gestalt Coaching Method (master gestaltist)

I hold both the Equine Gestalt Certification and the graduate level Gestalt Certification from Melisa Pearce and her world renowned Touched by a Horse Program.  Through both pure Gestalt methodology and Gestalt with the support of horses, I worked through traumatic events from my past during five years of intense training.  The horses and Gestalt assisted me to uncover and discard unhealthy patterns I picked up in childhood, and to discover and embrace the healthy patterns I have learned as an adult.

I’ve been there, too … Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Recovery

Transformation is the key. 

I desire to help future generations.  Not just you, but your children and your children’s children.  Many of the negative patterns that we acquire as children did not come solely from our parents but from our grandparents and their grandparents, and on down the line.  Some patterns we can see clearly, while others are hidden under deep layers that the horses and I will help you to uncover, discover and transform.

My deepest desire is to be part of a world where all humans move forward in positivity.  Where what we pass on to our children are thoughtful, beautiful messages of how cherished and appreciated they are.  My goal is to assist in breaking generational patterns for each of us today, tomorrow, and into the future.

In partnering with my equine coaches, I will assist you in your process of uncovering and reprograming the negative patterns that you gained in childhood, in order to relate with others from a place of wholeness and connection.  Whether the relationship is with your children or other family members, your spouse or lover, your boss or colleagues, this work will allow you to show up as you truly desire.

Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

Hope Held By A Horse empowers you to take time for your SELF, not just at our weekend program, but each and every day.

This program creates a solid foundation for your emotional recovery journey and empowers you to live your life fully and unapologetically. Come spend a magical day with horses, in the community of other women, and our highly skilled facilitators, to learn, grow, and heal in a safe and supportive environment.

I am proud to be a facilitator and coach for this amazing program.

Let's Talk ...            

What the horses and I do is a non-traditional kind of work. We go way beyond talking about an issue and analyzing it. The horses and I will support you to access deep parts of yourself that are at work out of your consciousness, in an experiential way, so that the effects of your past issues are released from your being. The result is a sense of freedom to live your life in the way that you truly desire, and that your children truly deserve.

Let's start with a simple phone call or email. Reach out. You have everything to gain.